Do you remember?

–Antisepticeye, Time Is Broken

Antisepticeye, commonly referred to as Anti, is the fan-fueled idea of a dark and evil version of Jacksepticeye. He was initially idealized by Jack's fans due to his creepy thumbnails and videos. However, Jack has since taken the idea of the character and turned it into a reality, implementing aspects to make the character his own.

The general idea of Anti's character is that he's an internet-virus demon that is fighting for control over Jack's body and/or power. It is known that the viewers' idea of Darkiplier had largely influenced the viewers' formation of Antisepticeye.


I wonder what will happen to your favorite BOY next time?

–Antisepticeye, Kill Jacksepticeye

Antisepticeye's personality is usually demented and with a strong desire to harm others. His mood changes from anger to seriousness to insanity in an instant. Anti foreshadows his appearances with camera, voice and/or video distortion, along with Jack describing feelings of queasiness, excessive eye/neck twitching with prolonged staring at the camera, children's laughter or static. Anti will leave hints in the video titles or video descriptions leading to an arrival. When he does appear, he usually takes sharp jibes at Jack, but occasionally likes to mock either the viewers or the other alter egos.

Anti has shown awareness of the other egos. This is evident in 'KILL JA̶CKSEPTICEYE' where he possessed Dr. Schneeplestein to prevent him from treating Jack, in 'The Jacksepticeye Power Hour - Jameson Jackson', where he takes hold of Jameson Jackson's body and points a knife at the viewers in a threatening manner, and in 'Dark Silence,' where he attacks Chase Brody and his children. Anti detests the other egos, calling them "puppets," and dislikes it when any of them try to aid Jack, claiming that Jack belongs to him and is his puppet.

Video appearances


Anti in Something Inside

I... am... near...

–Antisepticeye, Something Inside

Since the beginning of October 2016, there were brief clips within Jack's videos that resemble Antisepticeye. These began in his playthrough of Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location, with the first appearance occurring on October 10th in the series' debut. In the description of these videos, there are ominous messages and sometimes links using zalgo font that add to the persona. Even in videos where Anti wasn't present, the whiteboard on the door occasionally contained vague messages that related to him.

Anti in Say Goodbye

On Halloween (October 31 2016) Jack released "S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ", officially confirming Antisepticeye's arrival. In this video, Jack is seemingly recording an innocent vlog of him carving a pumpkin (similar to the previous year, 2015). The whiteboard on the door has the words "Happy Halloween!" written on it. As the video continues, an eerie laugh is heard and the camera becomes distorted. Jack briefly steps away from the camera to investigate. He returns to the camera, acting rather strangely, and continues carving the pumpkin. Then, the sound of someone stomping can be heard, and Jack once again leaves to look for the source of the sound. At random intervals, the camera turns distorted with brief apparitions of Anti, but Jack remains oblivious. At one point in the video, Jack's nose starts to bleed and he briefly steps away from the camera to get a tissue. When he returns he pretends it never happened. Towards the end of the video, Anti possesses Jack, making him stare blankly at the camera and slit his throat with the knife in his hand, causing him to bleed to death and collapse onto his pumpkin. After many seconds of silence, Anti jump-scares the viewers. The words on the whiteboard are now scribbled out. Jack faintly utters "help me". Anti jeers at the viewers, blaming them for Jack's death. He says the viewers could've stopped him from doing it, but they just watched. He declares that Jack is "gone forever" and asks the viewers to say their goodbyes. The video then cuts to black and ends.


Did you miss me?

–Antisepticeye, Always Watching

Anti in Always Watching

Anti made a surprise appearance during the intro video to Jack's PAX East 2017 panel (officially titled 'A̶͖͔̰͕L̩̲͍͓͕W̴͓͉A̢͎̗̫̹Y҉̻̲͙͇S̪̝̭̗̙͖̜ ͚̰̻̱̟̭͜W̹̥̦̙̰ͅA̗͖͇̻̠̳T͔̰͔̖̥͖͠C̦̜̣H̴͓̣̘IN̢͇̯̩̤͔͖̙G'). Jack had appeared on a screen telling the audience that they were going to record a message as an interactive game, but the screen suddenly glitches out to reveal Anti. He tells the audience that they thought he was gone and they stopped paying attention, before saying that they replaced him with Jack. He warns them that he wasn't going anywhere, and that they won't ever be rid of him. The screen cuts to black as Anti says, "enjoy the show."

Anti and Dark in Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye

On July 28th 2017, Markiplier made a video on his channel titled 'DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE.' During the video, the two were arguing about who should be king of their "realm." The two were about to fight, however, they were constantly disrupted by other YouTubers' dark personas (ABlazing Phil, Danny Darko, Sharkyoho, JacksKills, Grizzly Voices, Dark Daniel, PAMic Attack, TJSith, Logan Pollution, Ian Kneecox, TomSkar, KillthePJ, and a few others). Then Dark Chica, Dark's dog, appears and becomes angered, saying that Dark didn't feed her, as she destroys all the surrounding dark personas. As Dark panics, Anti stares at the screen, laughing. Anti played a more insane role than a serious, evil one. It has been mentioned that this video is not canon in neither Antisepticeye nor Darkiplier's lore.

Anti in Kill Jacksepticeye

On August 3rd 2017, Anti appears in a Bio Inc. Redemption video called 'KILL JA̶CKSEPTICEYE'. At the start of the video, Jack explains that the developers made an Easter egg of him in the game. Then he starts feeling 'sick', so rushes off camera. Dr. Schneeplestein replaces him and vows to save Jack in game. Halfway through, Dr. Schneeplestein himself complains of discomfort and makes references about death and Anti (such as 'antidepressants'). Anti glitches into the face cam and game more frequently, taking over Dr. Schneeplestein. When in-game Jack finally dies, Anti appears. He berates the viewers by saying he's tired of repeating the same cycle (quote: "How many times must we go through this? Again and again! Fooling around. OVER and OVER! F***ING CIRCLES!"), meaning he is tired of killing Jack just so Anti can appear to please the audience. He also mocks the viewers when they call him "glitch bitch" (a nickname fans gave him). He asks a few questions, such as "who do you think you've been watching all this time?" responding with "my puppets." He states that this is his world and this isn't the end of him. The video cuts to black as he giggles and says "see you soon."

The Anti doll in Opening Tour Gifts

On the 25th of October, sounds and effects related to Antisepticeye appear in 'Opening Tour Gifts'. When he receives a knitted Anti doll, Jack says, "little Anti. Look at him glitching out all over the place." Giggling can be heard and the screen glitches. This happens a second time when Jack presents a painting of Anti someone made for him.

Anti taking over Jameson Jackson in The Jacksepticeye Power Hour: Jameson Jackson

On October 31st 2017, Jack made a pumpkin carving video for the third time. He starts the video off normally, but then suddenly changes to black and white 1930's silent movie style, complete with appropriate attire. He carves the pumpkin with a face drawn on it similar to his own face. Towards the 5:25 mark, he accidentally cuts himself. While treating himself, Anti starts glitching into the scene, taking over Jack's new persona. He makes the slitting throat action and leans towards the camera, while title cards show up on screen saying 'Puppet' and 'SMILE'. The video ends with Jameson performing the outro.

The CCTV footage from Jacksepticeye's Holiday Special Overnightwatch

On December 15th, 2017, Jack started a two-part charity live stream for 'Save the Children'. About 11 and a half minutes into the first stream, a glitch can be spotted as the camera pans down to Ethan on the ground. About 34 minutes in, Jack mentioned to everyone in surprise that a donor by the name of "Anti" had donated 300 dollars without leaving a message, with Jack and Robin stating that it's "typical Anti". As the stream came to a close, Jack mentions that weird things had been happening around the studio when they were there earlier.

From 10pm GMT on December 15th, until 6pm GMT on December 16th, 2017, the stream was hijacked by Antisepticeye; dubbed as "Overnightwatch." After leaving CCTV footage overnight, with creepy sounds and glitches, when Jack and co. returned for the second stream, the alphabet on the wall spelled out 'ANTI'. After welcoming the audience back for the stream, Jack hurries to get changed; while doing so, a reiteration of Anti from the Bio Inc. video appears in the window, only for Jack to return to describe the unusual tension in the air. While opening gifts to donate to the charity, Ethan receives a decapitated teddy bear, with PJ saying the cut looks like it's done by a knife. When a donor left a message, saying they "love Jack, Robin, and Anti," Jack questions Robin asking: "Who is Anti?" in which Robin points to the window, stating that he is up there, in which Jack finally remembers, calling him "the knife lover". The hashtag #Overnightwatch was used and many fans stayed for over 24 hours to see Anti's arrival, as some appearances took hours to see. People noted that videos, pictures, and quotes from the stream come from some of his previous sightings.


Hey, you weren't supposed to find that.

–Antisepticeye, Barry Has A Secret

On March 9th, 2018, in the video titled 'BABY GOT BACK | Baby Hands VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality Wireless)' at exactly 3:44, Antisepticeye is heard faintly in the background saying "Where is he?" The hint is very subtle and is difficult to notice without audio enhancement.

Jack's face in Watch This With The Lights Off

On May 5th, 2018, in the video titled 'WATCH THIS WITH THE LIGHTS OFF' at the end of the episode, Jack is disrupted by creaking noises and his door opens. His surprised face briefly appears for a second on the in-game 'Futuro 128k +2' computer monitor as from Anti's point of view at the door.

Anti in Barry Has A Secret

On May 6th, 2018, in the video titled 'Barry Has A Secret' at the end of the episode, the screen fades away to someone (possibly Jack) finding a small toy hand in a cabinet. Jack turns around and Anti, looking like Jack himself, says, "You weren't supposed to find that," and then he grabs Jack as the video fades into the outro.

In another May 6th, 2018 video titled 'THEY ARE LISTENING | Stories Untold - Chapter 2' at the end of the episode while doing his outro, the screen begins flashing like one of the alien entities trying to access his mind similar to what occurred to his character while he was playing in-game. A brief sound of the klaxon used during the alien escape is heard. Suddenly, after hearing the klaxon, an alien entity appears over the screen, then the next moment Anti glitches in during the light flashes. The video then cuts to an image of all the alien entities hovering together in a group. The video's outro is left unfinished.

On May 7th, 2018, in the video 'THEY'RE HERE! | Stories Untold - Chapter 3' as the video comes to a close, muffled voices can be heard as Jack finishes speaking. The video suddenly goes to black and a voice can be heard saying "Jack! This is Chase. You need to wake up." The Morse code transmitting on the radio spells out "W.H.E.R.E.A.M.I."

On May 8th, 2018, in the video titled 'IT WAS ALL CONNECTED! | Stories Untold - Chapter 4' the video suddenly goes to black after Jack finishes the game and it goes to Jack, asleep, yet tossing and turning. He wakes up suddenly, looks at the camera and says, "I remember what he did to me."

On May 9th, 2018, in the video titled 'Try To Fall Asleep!' Jack didn't do his intro, which caused many fans to speculate that it was not Jack making the video. More fans began to point out how he wasn't doing his outro and that he was playing a lot of horror games.

Anti in Dark Silence

A video titled 'Dark Silence' was posted on May 14th, 2018. After the game ends with the main character crying out, there is a brief whisper that says "Don't run Jack." Chase is then shown in darkness, frantically flicking on a lighter. He wanders around and goes upstairs. In the doorway, bathed in red light, he finds Antisepticeye with his back towards him. Chase shouts out, "Who's there? Where are they?! What do you want from me?!" before Anti turns around, grinning, and walks towards him.

Jack bleeding from the eyes in Exploring an Abandoned Hospital

On May 16th, 2018, at the start of 'EXPLORING AN ABANDONED HOSPITAL | Exiles' Jack glitches on screen, seemingly out of breath and confused. Near the end, as Jack was doing his outro, he is suddenly cut off and stares straight at the camera, bloody tears streaming from his eyes. Whispers filter in saying "It's all your fault." Distorted music replaces the usual upbeat techno music during the outro, with the animation playing in reverse and is red instead of green.

On August 3rd, 2018, Jack released an Akinator video titled 'HOW DID HE GUESS THAT!?' During the questions to guess Jameson Jackson from Akinator, the camera on question 11 "Has your character killed people?" glitches out after Jack mentions that he has dug himself in a hole and the video jumps to the next question. On question 28 Jack refused to answer "Is your character a puppet?" After the outro song ended, in place of the after outro gags he does, distorted frames of Jack appearing to be screaming is shown along with some distorted audio, which turned out to be Antisepticeye’s laugh slowed down. The waveform of this particular segment spelled out “SOON”.

On August 5th, 2018, at the end of 'WHAT AM I EVEN PLAYING?! | Eggs For Bart' after the outro song, a reversed voice is heard, saying "I will return when you least suspect it." The waveform of the reversed audio is code. When the code is deciphered, it is translated to say “DEATH”.

On September 25th, 2018, in the first ten minutes of 'WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? | Transference' the video's title was changed repeatedly, each with the Zalgo font, including a title that translated into "HELP" when deciphered. The title reportedly changed four times before changing to the current title. Four Anti glitches were seen throughout the episode.

Glitch in 3 Scary Games, 1 Video #7

On October 14th, 2018, four glitches could be seen along with creepy talking in '3 SCARY GAMES, 1 VIDEO #7'. Although there was no physical appearance, one particular glitch showed Jack where half of his body was green for a split second in the camera and his voice became distorted while saying "Time to take off the mask".

On October 20th, 2018, two glitches could be seen in ‘THIS GAME SCARED THE **** OUT OF ME’. On December 1st, 2018, in the video 'TIME IS BROKEN | Umfend' the camera can be seen glitching twice. The second time is accompanied by Jack saying ”Do you remember?”

Glitched outro in Wait For The Ending!

On December 7th, 2018, the usual outro animation became glitched at the end of the video 'WAIT FOR THE ENDING! | Sally Face - Chapter 4 - Part 1(Full Game)'.

On December 16th, 2018, the video 'QUIT THE GAME TO WIN', Jack says the watcher must exit the video to end the video, and begins staring into the camera. The closed captions claim that from 27:28, Anti is present in Jack's speaking. At certain times after this, his eye twitches, and these twitches form morse code. Together, the code spells ANTIWINS.


On January 1st, 2019, in the video 'SILENT FRIGHT | Bloodthirsty Santa' the iconic intro was replaced with a glitched webcam, although no actual appearances of Anti were in the video. As well as this instance, the after outro clip that is at the very end of the video was also glitched.

On May 21st, 2019, at the end of part one of Observation, whilst Jack is expressing his fascination towards the sci-fi genre, static starts sounding and Jack vanishes, leaving his chair spinning. A shot of the space station interior is shown with static sounding.

Jack's facecam glitching in Getting VERY Scared In Five Nights At Freddy's VR

On May 22nd, 2019, Jack played an early version of 'Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted'. During the intro, he ducks out of view to joke that the animatronics can't see him, but as he is off-screen, the whiteboard in the back reads "101610", which could be a reference to Anti's first appearance (October 10th, 2016). The security cameras in-game glitch while his facecam also glitches without audio.

Jack glitching in No... That's Not Possible!

On May 23rd, 2019, the second part of Observation ends with Jack's facecam sliding out of view while Emma and Jim talk. Jack then shouts "It's all coming together!" before suddenly glitching back on screen saying, "Time is all broken." A shot of Emma's face is shown with familiar static sounds followed by SAM saying "I am here."

Jack as shown in FNAF VR: Help Wanted

On May 24th, 2019, part two of 'Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted' ends with Jack standing still with black eyes, groaning whilst static is flickering over.

On May 24th, 2019 the fourth episode of 'Observation' ends with Jack glitching out with the words "Bring Him" appearing on screen before the introduction from the first episode is repeated.

On June 3rd, 2019, in the episode "How High Will My Heart Rate Go Playing Five Nights At Freddy's VR (FNAF VR)" after Jack exclaims that his heart is still beating and that he is still alive, the screen fades to black with his heart rate monitor reading '0', at which point the screen glitches for a split second.

In 'I Quit Youtube For This', there were a few sightings: in the middle of the game 'A Game Literally About Taxes', Jack randomly looked down at the floor before looking up slowly and saying ‘Do you ever feel like there's something more?’ then eerily smiles. Jack soon states that he is being watched as one of the cardboard cut-outs behind him glitches slightly. As he continues further in the same game, his facecam becomes grey edged with red.

Anti in the backseat of Chase's car in CHASE

On October 13th, 2019, a video called "CHASE" premiered on the channel, revolving around Chase Brody. In the shot where Chase searches for a picture in his glove compartment, Anti can be spotted staring at the viewer from the backseat. Theories circulated based on whether or not this was actually Anti, but the majority agreed that it was him. This appearance provides further evidence that Anti is a source of Chase's depression and problems.

Anti possessing Jameson in "Jameson Jackson's Jolly Jaunts"

On October 31st, 2019, a video called "Jameson Jackson's Jolly Jaunts", revolving around Jameson Jackson, was released on Jack's channel. Jameson appears to do an innocent silent hand puppet show. Not long soon after, Anti begins to possess him. Jameson (controlled by Anti) appears to be screaming while trying to tear apart the strings, mimicking Jack slitting his throat from "S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ". The video ends with Jameson eerily staring at the viewer, before cutting to black.

On November 28th, 2019, a video called "You Said We Could Be Friends... | 3 Scary Games", was uploaded to Jack's channel. At the end of the last game "No Players Online", Jack can be seen trying to get the servers back up after delivering the last flag. As he tries to get the servers back up, a slight screen flicker can be spotted at the 25:33 mark, with the screen going black for a second. When it comes back up, one of Jack's lights seems to be off. He gets more frustrated as he goes on, going from slight frustration, to pleading, to anger in the span of less than a minute. At the end, Jack is seen breathing into the microphone in huge irritation, before saying "That's it. That's it, I'm coming over." He then stares at the camera for a few seconds, before lunging at it. His outro does not play, simply replaced with a black screen.


Not Long Now.

On January 2nd, 2020, a video called "Having A Heart Attack | 3 Scary Games", was uploaded to Jack's channel. Three glitches were spotted throughout the video, as well as two cryptic messages that popped up at the end. The messages read "Not long now" and "He’s coming". The window that the messages appeared on is titled "A", likely referring to Anti.

Jack banging his head on the whiteboard.

On January 16th, 2020, a video called "These Scares Almost Killed Me | 3 Scary Games" was uploaded to Jack's channel. Some fans speculate that Jack's chair moving on its own at 31:34 to 31:46 correlates with Anti. Other fans speculate that Anti appears in the video at 10:05, where Jack says "it's all easy, when no-one knows you exist" in Anti's voice. From the 47:07 mark to the 47:13, Jack's sentence is cutoff by a clip of him banging his head on his whiteboard with a TV-static-like overlay. The audio is also muffled. From the 47:36 mark to the very end of the video, Jack's sentence is cutoff by a static, with a few flickers of the shadow figure from the 38:43 can be seen. The proper outro does not play. Another fan noticed white flashes in the video that could be linked to Morse Code, reading IMHEREFRIENDHI - this was also pointed out by a fan in the fandom comments.

On February 26th, 2020, a 3 Scary Games video was uploaded with Anti hidden in the thumbnail. The original title of the video was "Don't Trust These Games", but was later changed to "Sentient". The games are all linked to obeying a higher-up or following orders, a fan pointed out. Instead of the usual outro, the video ends with a loud sound and snapshot from one of the games, but with a red filter.

On March 4th, 2020, a video called "Genuinely REALLY Scary | Locked Up" was uploaded to Jack's channel. At the end of the video, knocking can be heard, and Jack looks over his shoulder. This is followed by the moment where Jack pretends to blow out a candle similar to the monsters in the game. The outro does not play. Additionally, fans also pointed out that Jack was completely silent at the beginning of the video for over twenty seconds, with no intro, with some attributing this behaviour to Anti and others suggesting that Jack had recorded this from a livestream he did and cutting that out. Other fans attributed either of these above reasons to the reason why Jack introduced the video as 'three scary games' despite only playing one game and not titling the video with the typical 'three scary games' title.

On April 10th, 2020, Jack uploaded gameplay of We Went Back. When the game focused on post-it notes with drawings of knives, Jack's facecam flickered at 7:33. Other fans noticed this in the comments and attributed it to Anti.

On April 19th, 2020, Jack uploaded a new 3 Scary Games video. The intro started out with glitchy, flickering sounds, before it featured a glitched facecam and a glitchy TTS voice saying "Jack can't answer the phone right now". At the 23:26 mark, a robotic voice can be heard as Jack heads out of frame for a peebreak. Speeding up the voice by 2x seems to decipher it as "Help. They've broke me." Fans pointed out that Jack seemed to be only gone for 10 seconds (Without editing), leading some to assume that he simply left to put a suspicious moment there. At the end, an outro similar to the intro played instead of his usual outro. A fan in the video comments wrote a transcription of the voice that occurred at the end: "Who’s this then?//It never ends will it?//Please save my friend.//Phase Two will happen."

On May 1st, 2020, a video titled "DON'T COME TO THIS HOUSE (please stay away)| The Open House" was uploaded. The title later changed to "WELCOME TO MY HOUSE (please stay away)| The Open House". In the comments Jack wrote, Ǫ̸̝̠̮̂̍̎͝ͅͅF̷̭̲̞͉͐͊̀F̵̝̓̕E̷̱͂R̷̻̖͌͂̄̎ ̸̰͍̝̚A̵̛͔̣̲̝͒͂͊Ç̶͎̜̮͔̭̀̃C̴̗̱̪̲͎̈́̿͝Ë̸̡͇̪͈̭͉́P̸̡̨̤͖̫̉̒͠T̵̖̬͖̈́͌͆Ȩ̴̦̝͒̂͊͝D̸͚̗̽͌̂̚͠ which is theorized to be Anti accepting an offer from another ego. At 7:42, Jack's face cam can be seen zooming out for a split second, with a reflection-like effect applied. The camera shakes, before disappearing for a second after an in-game glitch. At 23:30 Jack says, " I'm the offer. I was a sacrifice." A few moments later, Jack's cellphone vibration can be heard in the right ear and he says he is getting a phone call. This happens as the game reads "Offer accepted, expect a call soon". The outro plays as normal.

On September 9th, 2020 Jack uploaded a video titled “20 Memes That Will Raise Your STONKS”. In it, he briefly talked about Anti, where at 14:14, for a split second, the screen becomes distorted. It happens again at 14:18.

On October 31st, 2020, Jack uploaded a Halloween special video called “Argentum Inanis“, which is Latin for, "Sliver Void". in this video, Marvin the Magnificent (one of jack's alter egos) is doing some kind of black magic, before touching a glass ball and seeing visions of Anti, Chase Brody, and Doctor Schneeplestein. Later the video's title was changed to “Don’t Make Eye Contact“.

Other appearances

"A̸͢n҉t͞isepticeye's" Twitter account

During the periods when Anti was first appearing, Jack's Twitter and Tumblr accounts featured the Zalgo font and his personality traits, suggesting Anti was "taking over," including the change of Jack's Twitter account name from Jacksepticeye to A̸͢n҉t͞isepticeye. Similar occurrences happened during the time leading up to 'KILL JA̶CKSEPTICEYE.'

Anti made appearances in the animated shorts 'JACKIEBOY MAN BACK IN JACKTION!' and 'Doki Doki Literature Club' in the style of the animators who created the shorts.

On March 3rd, 2018, a remix titled "Come Closer" was posted, which featured Antisepticeye.

On August 1st, 2018, Jack changed the title of 'SOMETHING DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT | Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location #1' to 'THE START OF THE NIGHTMARE'. The fandom quickly burst into flames, as this is the first video Anti ever appeared in, and the fact Jack changed it to something so ominous was definitely hinting to something. The community also surmised that there was no way that the title was relating to FNAF and instead was relating to the dark persona’s return.

In the third episode of Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos, a clip that was sent in poked fun at something Anti said. The original quote was 'I am eternal' (from 'KILL JA̶CKSEPTICEYE'), but the message the fan sent said it sounded more like 'I am a turtle'.

At the beginning of the fifteenth episode of Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos, Jack talks about how he can't get enough of infomercials and starts making up ones himself. He then asks his Spiderloaf toy what it thinks, in which it responds with "I think you're f***ing stupid." Fans believe that this is Anti possessing Spiderloaf, due to how the screen's color puts on a greenish tone and how distorted the toy sounds.

In 'Billie Irish Needs To be STOPPED,' Jack reacts to a fan edit of the trailer for the movie "Rings," where certain bits of the trailer are replaced with Jack and Anti.

In 'This Isn't Funny!', Jack reacts to a "Super Smash Bros" fan edit of all of his alter egos. At the beginning of the fan edit, Anti appears first, with the caption "haunts his enemies".

Videos featuring Antisepticeye


F*ck back there or I'll f*ck you back there!

The Start Of The Nightmare

Y͕̦̖̼̻͖̹̞̮͚̱̭̪̎̂̄͊̏͐ͨͫ̊̈́͑͊̃ͣ̾̈́̿̀̕͝͞͡õ̬̙̫͔̠̝̲̋́̂ͯ̇ͧ̈́̇ͧ͢ư̢̺̻̫̱͊͋ͣ̎͑̍́ͬ̾̈͋͗̀ͮ͛͗ͥ͋ͪ́̕͝ ̸̨͓͈͖͚̰̗̩̺̼̄̈́ͪ̾̏̉ͬͩͫ̂̆ͯ̔̀̏͐ͦ̒ŵ̷̡̭͍̻̣͈̲̫̠͎̠̥̤̘̯͕̬̩͋̈́ͪ̾ͨ̇ͨ̉̈́ͫ̾̐͋͗͜a̶̢̱̻̼̫͌ͪ̋̄̌̀̽ͮ̆̍̈́̑̑̏͛͝n̸̷͔̲͚̦̘̘̺̻̪̳̞̼͕͚̹͕͍̉͗ͦ͂̋̒͐ͪͣ͐̉ͪͬ̊͐̑́͡ͅt̴̡̮̹͇̬̥͕̟̳̳̘͈͙͍̦̪͉̳͉ͮ̑͒ͩͫ̈ͥ̅ͪ̇ͯͬ̕͘e̸̩͎̫̬͇̘͎̖̣̟̪ͫ̈̌̋͑ͯ̎͟͡d̶̨͉͇͖̠͉̮̹̝̃͒ͯͨ̋̿ͫͨ̓́ ̨ͤ̅̀ͯ̅̎̔͛̏҉͏̩̙̦̖͇̝̼͕̜̖̞̼̳̬͉͖̤̝́͞ͅm̑́ͨ̔̇̓͗ͮ̀̀͡͠͏̤̗̠̥̰͍̦̤̺͎̻ͅe̷̛͔͇͓͚͕̳̓̆̈ͥ͐̂̅̆͛̏͌̚͘͞.̨̩͖̺̬͈̱͙̫̭̥̗̞̲̠͈̉ͧ́ͪ̃͊̒̉͂ͩ̓̚͘͡.̷̧̬̫̩͕̺̳̻̦ͣ͋̋ͬ̀̽ͬ͌ͬ͒ͬ͐ͯ́͟͝.͎̗͕̺̹̬͓̬͔̬͖̻̘̟͍͇͆ͦͪ̚͜.̡̼̯̥̖̙͔͎̱̤͈̉̌̎̑̿̾̃ͮ͊͑̄ͨ̍̑͂ͬ̿̏̕̕͠͡ ̸̴̛͈͇̲̖̙͇̞͙̝̰͔͖̹̪͍̝̰̥̊͋ͮ̆̃͞w̧̛̟̞̫̰̘̭͓̜̺͖̦̺̺͔̯͔̠̣̼̓ͦ̂̀̾ͤ̂̊̇̋̈́̊̐̽̆̄́͝e̷͆́̏͛̍̈̒̂͊ͫͬ̔̔͗̃̃ͪ͏͇̣̙͕̜͍̲̟̬l̈́ͫͣ̈́͜͏̣̺̜̼͓̲̦̭̥̠̭̞̪̳ͅļ̷ͤ̾̇̇̇ͥ̓̄̋̔̈́̉҉̨̙̺̥̳̖̱̗̱͚̪̰̦̹̦̦̯̗́ ̢̼̼̪͈̠̯̹͚̃̂̽ͨ̄̅̓̀̿ͤ̉ͯ̈̇͂̚̕͞hͨ̈͊͊̃ͮ̆ͤ̊̈ͩ̅͏́͏̸̺̦͙̪̥̪͙̟̼̝̳̝͚̠̭̺͉ę̸̧͖̜̘̼̘ͦ̊ͬ̀̇͐ͫ̐͛ͥͯͫ̂ͤ͛̄͑̔̒͢ř̷̬̜͙̲̏̓͗͊e̛̹̘̭̼̥̺̥̦͕̣̹̰̩͈ͨ̇ͭ͒͋̐͊ͨ͋̅̋͆͢ ̴̣̙̭̙̐ͧ̑͆ͨ͟ͅI̵̵̷̟̺̘̭̯͕͇̓͑̆̑̀̽̎͠ͅ ̸̜̟͍̝̥̜̝̮͇̘̞̞̟̞̦̯̝̿͌̿͒̓ͭ̌͐ͫ͌̈̓̓̀͘͡͝a̞͎̳̬̬͔͔͉͎ͪ̈́̎̍ͥ̽̋͒ͥ̄͆́̚͜͞m̷̶̷̸̥̠̱̖̥͈̘̦͉̠͖̳͑̈ͤ̅̔̂

–The video description of Say Goodbye

It's time to DIE!

–Antisepticeye, Say Goodbye

His body was weak!

Say Goodbye

You all said my name.

Say Goodbye

I am here now.

Say Goodbye

Listen to me!

Say Goodbye

You could have stopped me, but you just watched, as THIS HAPPENED!

Say Goodbye

Say goodbye...

Say Goodbye

Forgotten? Or just too afraid to remember?

–The video description of I'm So Sorry



–The video description of Always Watching

You all thought I was gone, but I've been here this entire time, keeping an eye on things.

Always Watching

You stopped paying attention!

Always Watching

You found someone new, threw me aside, someone to replace me!

Always Watching

I'm always there, always watching.

Always Watching

Enjoy the show.

Always Watching

so concerned for your little boy

pay attention next time

–The video description of Kill Jacksepticeye

I am in control!

Kill Jacksepticeye

Nothing gets rid of me!

Kill Jacksepticeye

I am eternal!

Kill Jacksepticeye

How many times must we go through this? Again and again! Fooling around, OVER and OVER! F***ING CIRCLES!

Kill Jacksepticeye

Mocking me with your "glitch bitch."

Kill Jacksepticeye

That DOCTOR thought he could save him, but he was MINE! He was WEAK!

Kill Jacksepticeye

Just like the rest of them! I've always been in control!

Kill Jacksepticeye

Who do you think you've been watching all this time?

Kill Jacksepticeye

Just my puppets.

Kill Jacksepticeye

If you want him back so badly, then why don't YOU save him?

Kill Jacksepticeye

This is my world!

Kill Jacksepticeye

Well, there are no strings on me.

Kill Jacksepticeye

And for you, this isn't over.

Kill Jacksepticeye

See you soon...

Kill Jacksepticeye

Oh well... I guess we'll see you next time.

Extremely Uncomfortable

I will return when you least suspect it.

–reversed, What Am I Even Playing?

Time to take off the masks.

3 Scary Games, 1 Video #7

Still here, I see? Very good.

Quit The Game To Win

You passed the test. Now let's move on to the next pha-

Quit The Game To Win

I'm trying to have an adult conversation here.

Take Your Eyes Off The Screen

Time... is all broken...

No...That's Not Possible!


  • When fans ask about or point out Anti, Jack responds as if not knowing who they're talking about. It's later revealed in this post written by Anti himself that Jack wasn't truly unaware, rather only pretending not to know who Anti was in order to stop him.
  • Anti has the apparent ability to change his appearance, as he took the form of Jack himself in 'Barry Has A Secret'.
  • A clip of Jack slitting his throat from the 'Say Goodbye' video appeared briefly in 'Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye.'
  • Anti quotes the description of the 'Say Goodbye' video in 'Darkiplier vs. Antisepticeye' when he says, "You, wanted me here, so here I am!"
  • Before it was revealed that Anti was talking about Jack when he said "someone to replace me" in the 'Always Watching' intro, fans speculated that he was talking about Darkiplier, as the "A Date With Markiplier" series had come out prior.
  • Even though both communities were extremely hyped about Anti and Darkiplier having a showdown, it was later revealed that it was in fact Jack and Mark, making jabs at the personas, which then led to the August 3rd appearance in Bio Inc. Redemption and Anti saying beforehand “I’m not finished yet”. This heavily led the fandom to believe that the Bio Inc. appearance was mainly fueled by Anti’s anger at being impersonated by Jack.
  • While Anti was taking over, a user on Tumblr told him that Darkiplier had just shown up and asked him what he thought of Dark, suggesting it was Anti’s turn. He responded with “Child’s play“ in that familiar Zalgo font, suggesting that he sees Dark as inferior.
  • Anti, although taken very seriously by most fans in the ego lore side of the community, has been taken as a meme by others. Jack has stated that he doesn't want that and has done his best to make Anti more ominous and frightening, to lessen the meme aspect of the character.
  • It has been confirmed by Jack that Anti has no particular motive.
  • In his PAX West 2018 panel, Jack answered that Anti is his favorite ego.
  • For his February 2019 Charity Livestream, Jack released ego socks. Five of the egos were featured on their own individual socks, except Anti.
    • Seven months since the charity livestream, Jack had released Antisepticeye socks. They were black with green heels and toe caps featuring an Antisepticeye patch on the side.
    • In September 2019, someone posted on Tumblr talking about the Anti socks and their connection to the possible sightings.
  • In his PAX East 2019 panel, a fan asked if Jack could give an Anti hint. His response was that no one so far has guessed exactly as to what Anti truly is.
  • In a 2020 Twitch livestream, Jack revealed that he has an entire ego storyline mapped out and has complete character files in his notebook. He also stated that he's often inspired by movies or TV shows he watches.

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