Betty (Happy Wheels)
Vital statistics
Alias Effective Shopper (in game name)
Species Human
Gender Female
Profile statistics
Affiliations Jacksepticeye
Media statistics

Betty David is a character in Happy Wheels. She is an obese woman who rides a scooter. Her brother is Harry.


She is an overly obese woman. She wears a lime green sleeveless shirt and blue shorts. She usually sits on her red kart. She has short brown hair with a serious expression.


  • She was the first Happy Wheels character that was given a name by Jack.
  • Jack always complains when he plays as Betty.
  • Her real name is "Effective Shopper".
  • Some of Jack's favorite phrases involving Betty include "BETTY, YOU FAT B*TCH!" and "YOU SACK O' T*TS!"

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