The Jacksepticeye Wiki is a Wiki/ FANDOM dedicated to everything related to Jacksepticeye, including games he plays and YouTube friends.


The Jacksepticeye Wiki, like any other FANDOM/ Wiki, can be edited by anyone (although you must comply with COPPA's 13+ age limit to be eligible for an account, unless you can use a parent's email address). If you need any help, then please feel free to contact any admin available. If an admin on the wiki has not been on recently or if you have a more complicated issue, then head on over to Community Central Wiki, where you will receive advanced help and tips.

Types of usersEdit

There are different types of users across the wiki, some you may have noticed with different tags on their profile mastheads and others with no profile image and username.

FANDOM UsersEdit

FANDOM Users are users which have no set usernames and a white and grey profile picture. These users edit or comment anonymously. They can create articles but cannot add images, videos or blog posts.


Admins are trusted users who have the ability to delete comments, images and articles, block users (both anonymously and users with an account), undo unnecessary edits and access an extra feature called "Admin dashboard."

When a user on a wiki becomes an admin, a tag called "ADMINISTRATOR" appears beside their username on their profile masthead.


Bureaucrats are the same as admins, the highest rank a user can have. They perform the same actions as an admin: delete comments, images and articles, block users, undo edits and access admin dashboard. When a user on a wiki becomes bureaucrat, a tag called "BUREAUCRAT" appears beside their username. Admins and bureaucrats can edit user rights tags in Media wiki CSS to change the names of the tags if they want to (on the Jacksepticeye Wiki, they are known as "OFFICIAL EDITOR OF GABE.")

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