LordMinion777 tumblr
Character information
Full name Wade Barnes
Gender Male
Born April 3, 1989
Profile statistics
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 193 cm
Wade Barnes, also known by his online pseudonym as LordMinion777, is an American YouTuber and one of Markiplier's best friends, whom he met in middle school. He can often be seen playing multiplayer games with Mark, Jack, Bob, and "Dem Salty Bois" (PatrckStatic, Jpw03 and Garuku Bluemoon).

He was previously engaged to Molly (FoxTrot44) whom he met over a Minecraft server and asked out playfully in Markiplier's 'Drunk Minecraft' series. He proposed to Molly at PAX West 2016, at the Markiplier & Friends Panel. In May 2018, they officially got married.

He often acts as the 'bullied kid' in the group of Mark, Jack and Bob, where the others will poke fun at him and say playful insults constantly. But after everything, they all say that they love him and would do anything for him.


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