Character information
Full name Mark Edward Fischbach
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Markimoo
Born June 28, 1989
Profile statistics
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 1.79 m
Mark Edward Fischbach, also known by his online pseudonym as Markiplier, is an American video game commentator on YouTube. He is close friends with Jacksepticeye, and is the 31st most subscribed channel.


Markiplier's YouTube channel features let's plays of a variety of different games, from fan made games to RPG to Indie, Vlogs about what's happening on or based around the channel, and various comedic sketches. Mark is the 31st most subscribed channel with over 22+ million subscribers and 9 billion+ video views.

Relations to Jacksepticeye

Mark began to notice Jack by writing on Twitter to him "you have entertaining vidyas" according to Jack in a video. Mark then asked him to collaborate together for the first time for the game "The Forest."

They have since become good friends and have hung out at PAX Conventions together. When Jack and Mark revealed they had girlfriends, fans shipping 'Septiplier' lashed out at Amy and Signe for denying it. Because of fans constantly shipping them, through seeing fan fictions and fan art, it was presumed they had kept their friendship private because of it. Jack eventually came to their defense, saying he is only human and him and Mark will remain only friends.

After a year without videos involving the pair, fans became concerned, although it is presumed they are back on track making videos together.


  • Mark has various alter egos, including but not limited to: Darkiplier, Googleplier, Dr. Iplier, Wilford Warfstache, Bim Trimmer, Silver Shepherd and The Host.
    • Most of his alter egos were derived from comedy sketches Mark did with another YouTuber, Cyndago. Googleplier comes from a sketch with Matthias.
  • Jack looked up to Mark and Felix as a fanboy and they were his inspiration to start his own channel. They have all since become good friends online and offline.
  • Mark adores space more than anything.
    • In a video where he went on stage at a Disney event, he explained he got his love of space from his father, who passed away from cancer when he was a teenager.
  • He is half-Korean and half-German.
  • Mark frequently drank alcohol for the Drunk Minecraft series. Until a medical emergency in 2016 revealed that his body cannot process alcohol.
  • Mark had his own tour with Bob, Wade, Tyler and Ethan, called Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour.
  • He has an editor named Matt.

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