Character information
Full name Bob Muyskens
Gender Male
Age 29
Born October 18, 1989
Profile statistics
Physical description
Hair Brown
Height 193cm

Bob Muyskens (born October 18th, 1989), known by his online pseudonym as muyskerm , is a YouTube gaming commentator who is close friends with Markiplier, Wade (LordMinion777) and Jacksepticeye.

Muyskerm occasionally creates gameplays with Jack, such as "Cutting" it Close | Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Ep. 4. He often plays multiplayer games with Jack, Mark and Wade, often heard laughing in the background whenever something in the game goes wrong or when joking.

Between October 2017 until November 2018, Bob was one of the five members on stage at Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour (others include Mark, Wade, Tyler Scheid and CrankGameplays).


Bob is 6'4". He currently resides in Ohio, and is married to a lady named Mandy.


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