Spiderman is a fictional comic book character, created by Stan Lee and is one of the Marvel superheroes. Spiderman is the superhero identity of New York teenager Peter Parker.


Jack once owned a costume of Spiderman and dressed up as him twice. Jack has stated that he is his favorite superhero.

It is unknown where the costume has gone, but in recent videos, Jack shows off other Spiderman themed merchandise, such as in THE EMPIRE ARE COMING he is shown to wear a Spiderman t-shirt. In one video, Jack shows off a Spiderman style soft toy, a mini version which he dubs "Spider loaf" (since it looks like a loaf of bread, according to him) and sits atop Jack's computer monitor; he also received a giant version of the same item at a PAX convention.

For PAX East 2018, Jack cosplayed as Spiderman for the first time in a homemade costume, referencing the film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Jack often references Spiderman in some of his videos' titles, to refer to a game that uses similar abilities to the actual character.

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