Undyne is a fish-like character from the game Undertale. She was the captain of the Royal Guard, but let Papyrus take her place. She is now a lab assistant for Alphys. She also has a mutual crush on Alphys and ends up going on a date with her. She was trained by Asgore. Originally, she wanted to kill Frisk, but in the Pacifist Route she becomes their friend.

Undyne the UndyingEdit

In the Genocide Route, Undyne's boss fight starts out identical to the others with one hit from the player, until she absorbs monster's souls and refuses to die. She is now super powerful with a lot of HP and is probably the second hardest boss fight in the game, next to Sans's fight.


  • Jack once had a phone lock screen background of Undyne in a Reading Your Comments video in 2016.