Yandere Chan (real name Ayano Aishi) is the main playable character in the game Yandere Simulator. After harboring feelings for a male student she deems 'Senpai' she becomes a yandere, a character who threatens to inflict pain and bloodshed on those who she considers rivals and wanting to confess their love.

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Ayano's default appearance is black hair tied in a ponytail with two strands either side and black eyes. She wears the default Japanese sailor-fuku uniform, which consists of a white short-sleeved shirt with a red scarf, blue pleated skirt, black stockings and brown loafers.

In the early access version of Yandere Simulator, the player can press various keys to change Ayano's appearance to match other characters from games and animes (for example, pressing the 'Z' key will give Ayano the Slender Man appearance, complete with a taller height, longer arms and legs and a black uniform, and pressing the 'H' key will give her various hairstyles, such as the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku's long blue pigtails).

Most of the appearance changes are known as 'Easter Eggs' and may be removed completely when the game is fully finished.


After having a dream involving her and a mysterious boy, she hurries to school late, but bumps into the same boy. This encounter causes her to become extremely attached to him, although she never had any feelings until she met her Senpai. After learning from an anonymous person called 'Infochan' who requests Ayano's aid for panty shots and other stalkerish requests, Ayano agrees to do so. Her main objective is to murder ten other girls to keep them away from Senpai.

When Ayano starts killing off other students, she slowly becomes insane; this is shown by a shadow cast over her eyes, twitching and blood splatters, as well as a heart monitor in the corner of the screen turning from pink to red. Pressing a key will cause Yandere Chan to giggle and erupt into manical laughter.


As YandereDev continues to update the game, he gives Ayano various techniques to deal with her rivals, such as writing a fake suicide letter after convincing a student to meet up with her, throwing them over the school roof, leaving the letter and dumping the body elsewhere. Ayano also has access to weapons which are left on the ground by the main entrance to the school.

List of abilitiesEdit

  • Fake suicide letter
  • Drowning
  • Electrocution
  • Kidnapping
  • Knives
  • Katanas
  • Syringes
  • Torture (executed at the kidnapped student)

Jack's playthroughEdit

Yandere Simulator MGS mode

Metal Gear Solid mode.

When Jacksepticeye played Yandere Simulator, he was uncomfortable at the thought of taking panty shots for Infochan so they could identify the student. He became upbeat when he activated the Metal Gear Solid and Attack on Titan modes, the latter had him singing the theme tune while fighting the students who became nude titans. In episode 2, he was shocked when he made Yandere Chan nude (with only steam covering her chest and genitalia) and threw a student over the balcony to suicide.
Yandere Simulator Cirno mode

Cirno mode.

In episode 3, he returned to find a customization menu for Yandere Chan and her Senpai and dresses Yandere Chan in a Agent 47 (Hitman) style outfit and Senpai as Neo from the Matrix. He looks around the school to find changes, including an athletics track and maze. Jack changes Yandere Chan to Saitama from One Punch Man and Cirno from the game Touhou.